How to convert data in a MySQL database to Postgresql

published: 11 Jan 2010 | tags: django, python

To do this you need both mysql and postgresql running on a local computer. You probably want this to be a local workstation that you have superuser access to. We are going to use features in mysql and postgres that makes the database daemon read and write to local files.

We’ll use django’s schema format deal with the difference between postgresql and mysql. We’ll use tab separated value (TSV) data files as the interchange format between databases. Mysql has a different idea of how to escape newlines and carriage returns than Postgresql so we’ll use a quick and dirty python script to clean that up.

While this should work in many different OS’s, I did this on a Ubuntu, so the details might be a bit different.

Let’s start with the most recent data dump from the Grand Comicbook Database

load data into mysql

mysqladmin -uroot create gcd
mysql -uroot gcd < pub_dec21_schema_innodb.sql
mysql -uroot gcd < pub_dec21_data.sql

create django project startproject grandcomicdb
cd grandcomicdb
chmod +x
./ startapp gcd
# edit to add gcd to INSTALLED_APPS
# edit to set up connection to mysql
./ inspectdb > gcd/
# edit gcd/ to make the fk quoted, and add relative_name's

create mysql clean up script

cat >> << EOF
#!/usr/bin/env python

# this will not work for very big files.

import sys
ff = open(sys.argv[1], 'r').read()
ff = ff.replace('\r', '\\r')
ff = ff.replace('\\\n', '\\n')

open(sys.argv[1], 'w').write(ff)
chmod +x

dump data to tab separated value files

mkdir /tmp/gcd_dump
chmod 777 /tmp/gcd_dump
mysqldump -uroot -t --tab /tmp/gcd_dump gcd
find /tmp/gcd_dump -type f -exec ~/web/grandcomicsdb/ \{\} \;

create postgres database with schema derived from the mysql database

sudo -s -u postgres
createuser gcd --pwprompt --no-createrole --no-createdb
createdb gcd -O gcd
# edit to set up connection to postgresql
./manage syncdb

create postgres database and load data

sudo -s -u postgres
COPY gcd_language FROM '/tmp/gcd_dump/gcd_language.txt';
COPY gcd_country FROM '/tmp/gcd_dump/gcd_country.txt';
COPY gcd_brand FROM '/tmp/gcd_dump/gcd_brand.txt';
COPY gcd_publisher FROM '/tmp/gcd_dump/gcd_publisher.txt';
COPY gcd_indicia_publisher FROM '/tmp/gcd_dump/gcd_indicia_publisher.txt';
COPY gcd_story_type FROM '/tmp/gcd_dump/gcd_story_type.txt';
COPY gcd_series FROM '/tmp/gcd_dump/gcd_series.txt';
COPY gcd_issue FROM '/tmp/gcd_dump/gcd_issue.txt';
COPY gcd_story FROM '/tmp/gcd_dump/gcd_story.txt';