A review of ruby s3 librarys

gem install s3sync

Has the right idea about how to store files, but the lib it uses does not abstract things enough. Does not use http keep alive to avoid the slow startup of tcp. Does not have an easy way to iterate over all keys in a bucket, but this helps to do this:

  def each_object(bucket_name)
    next_marker = nil
    while true do
      response = CONN.list_bucket(bucket_name, {'marker' => next_marker, 'max-keys' => 10})
      response.entries.each do |s3obj|
        yield s3obj
      break unless response.properties.is_truncated
      next_marker = response.entries.last.key

gem install aws-s3

Again no built in way to iterate over all keys. Has problems with ‘/’ at the start of file names.

gem install right_aws

Uses the same http connection, can iterate over all keys with a single method (though, it makes a full array of all the keys rather than allowing you to supply a block). Here’s my thumbnailer:

  require 'rubygems'
  require 'right_aws'
  require 'RMagick'
  require 'pp'


  picture_bucket = s3.bucket('OurPictures')
  thumbnail_bucket = s3.bucket('OurPicturesThumbnails')

  picture_bucket.keys.each do |key|
    thumbnail_key = RightAws::S3::Key.create(thumbnail_bucket, key.name)
    next if key.name !~ /.jpg$/i
    next if thumbnail_key.exists?
    image = Magick::Image.from_blob(key.data).first
    image.change_geometry!('256x256>') do |cols, rows, img|
      img.thumbnail!(cols, rows)
    thumbnail_key.put(image.to_blob, 'private')
    p thumbnail_key.full_name
    image = nil