So... this is Canada

published: 13 Apr 2006 | tags:

So…. banks suck. I arrive here late at night and misremember my pin, and they lock out my card. That feels good. Call up my bank and they are closed. Fortunately a call to Laura sorts out something that works. 40 Canadian pesos out of the ATM and I can get to the hotel.

Vancouver is this dark black hole. I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact it’s night time. I’m sure it is always like this… dark. Lights on the edge of blackness. I fully expect to find a black hole out there in the morning.

Get off the airplane and someone behind me starts singing “Blame Canada”.

So, this thought went thru my head: Python = Snake, speaking snake is Parseltongue, Ruby = Red, Red = Gryphindor’s color, Harry Potter wears glasses, I wear glases, I also speak python and hang out with the Ruby guys…. so I’m the Harry F-ing Potter of Rosetta Stone?

Tomorrow I join the Royal Canadien Kilted Yaksmen or see David Heinemeier Hansson, one of the two, it’s becoming fuzzy.