back up

After a long while of doing nothing on Mnet, I’m getting the p2p itch again. It’s funny how some projects you just run out of the urge to keep working on them.

First thing I’ve done is get back up and running. Not sure what do to about the version, but I haven’t seen a lot of activity there either.

I’m on IRC again, #mnet. I still am not happy with the chump bot. I think I would blog more via chump if it was working well.

So, on to the code. When we last left, Mnet 0.7 could publish and download files using “mnet” URI’s. It used it’s own protocol, EGTP, which used TCP and a custom encryption protocol to communicate between nodes. No anonymity was attempted. I was working on a search engine, then planning on moving to reworking the GUI.

Right now I’d rather work on Mnet over I2P via Simple Anonymous Messaging . I don’t know if I’ll do this as a egtp protocol or just remove egtp and replace it with a twisted port of SAM.