They are there just to pick up haxor chicks

published: 08 Apr 2005 | tags:

friendlier debian?

The Debian Women project was started because there have only ever been around 4-8 female Debian developers, yet there are currently around 950 developers in total—less than 1% of developers are women.

The [Debian Women] IRC channel is currently around 60-70% men, many of whom are already Debian developers. When asked about their reasons for participating, many express general interest in feminism and “women in computing” but as the project continues to grow, another reason cited is that the community that has built up around the Debian Women project is much more positive, welcoming and friendly atmosphere than other Debian fora.

Oh, you know why they are there…. geek dating! Probably done in a mature, grownup way, but still…