beware nevow's loaders.htmlfile

published: 09 Mar 2005 | tags: python

I’m using Nevow for a website I’m working on, it’s pretty nice. Biggest problem is that I have a many to many relationship with attributes which is hard to model in Twisted’s ROW. I could just write a property to the Row objects that have the many to many relationship so that it can pull in the right info, but I can’t figure out a clean what to get a ref to the reflector object. I’ve looked at Atop, but I’m a bit worried about the many command line utils I have written around the SQL database I’m using.

My caution to you, internet reader, is be careful you use loaders.xmlfile not loaders.htmlfile. htmlfile just doesn’t work well. I was trying to assign a data object for the whole page (it feeds data to the page title tag, and many other places, plus all other data on the page is a child of that data object), and after the second nevow:render it had lost track of the data object. Change htmlfile to xmlfile and everything works.