INdTV: new news network

published: 30 Sep 2004 | tags:


TV can be better. Much better.

Want to see more than just reality television? Tired of news outlets that cover celebrity trials instead of tackling critical questions? Bored with shows that don’t challenge or engage you? So are we.

The sad reality of TV is that young adult viewers are coveted, but not really asked to participate. You can be characters, but rarely creators. We want to change all that. And with your help, we will create shows that are bold, irreverent, intelligent and relevant to the passions and experiences of our audience.

They have the delivery problem licked. If I was planning on starting a new show I would look into setting up a system with ASUS DigiMatrix boxen (you can get them ready to go at cappuccinopc for $583.00) + RSS + BitTorrent, and you’d be set. Wait a year or two and that $538 will be more like $50 and you really have something.