Java is stupid

published: 22 Jul 2004 | tags:

Aside from typing 10x as much and haven’t to struggle to get basic concepts to work (iterating over a map for example), there are other irritating things:

java.lang.ClassCastException does not provide a error string, of like, I don’t know, MAYBE THE NAME OF THE TWO CLASSTYPES. This is where open source shines. A mistake like that that adds hours of time to your debugging session would last maybe a week before some said, “I’ll fix the jvm itself so that it helps me the programmer”.

JDBC apparently has no method to communicate what columns an SQL error occurs in, so if you insert a row that causes an error you have to get the schema file and the SQL statement (not easy to do if you use prepared statements) and go over it column by column.

People save your time, use python. There is NO reason to use Java. It’s old dead and gone. By being closed source all other languages are rapidly speeding past it as far as ease of use to the programmer.