Misc tales of Kevin Mitnick

published: 11 Jul 2004 | tags:

On Friday we were drinking at the Irish bar next to the hotel. Kevin showed up about 1am but the music was too loud to have a good conversation. After about 10 request to turn it down they finally did.

Palm needs a new ad for the Treo 600, something like “Got 600”. Kevin can be the first one, as he has a GSM model.

Kevin had given the keynote for the day, and someone asked him if anyone had asked him to sign anything unusual. Some girl had asked for him to sign her bra. During
the Woz keynotes] Geo and I got separated from Jason, who went down and tried his hand at lock picking (poker, lock picking…. I think he’srounding up his abilities to be a bad influence before becoming a father). Riding back up on the elevator the woman in question was on
board, and talking to friend with her, she said “Kevin signed my bra, do you want to see?” then flashing her bra to everyone on the elevator.

Remind me not to lose Jason next time. He finds interesting things.