Closed market school system

published: 26 May 2004 | tags:

Student Whose Hair Set Afire Told To Stay Home. What’s shocking about this story to me is not that some moron would treat this girl this way but rather the school’s reaction:

The interim principal at Martin Luther King Middle School declined an on-camera interview, but said her staff made serious mistakes in this case and that she will offer Glowczewski and her family a summer school program and transportation.

Meanwhile, both Mark Stevens, the spokesman for Denver Public Schools, and the superintendent declined to discuss the case or DPS policy for dealing with such issues. That seems to be the same response Glowczewski’s parents got when they complained to the administration.

Umm… what? You make an very bad mistake, and then make it many times worse by refusing to actually talk about it? (sound like the Bush admin?) And the people involved can’t stop paying these joker’s either, Uncle Sam takes it from the and pays them. Time to move to the Free State.