P2P articles of note

Two articles worth reading:

Technologists Claim KaZaA Can Filter Copyrighted Works: Someone finally points out Kazaa could be using content fingerprinting, like the TRM that MusicBrainz uses to help users tag their music files. Unfortunatly I don’t see how this would help the content industry if all Kazaa clients were open source (which they all would be pretty quick if something like this was added to Kazaa).

Building bridges between P2P networks: A great idea. I use MLDonkey to get stuff off eDonkey and Kazaa. One of the things we are doing in Mnet is use the CP2PC interface to our daemon. Now that giFT has Kazaa and soon eDonkey it would be neat to use xmlrpc-c to add a CP2PC interface to giFT.