Software of the day: ext2fsd

I got a 160GB drive to replace a failing 120GB one, but since I don’t need the data on the 120GB right now I unplugged it and put it away. Then I took the new drive and made a dup of my music drive and brought it to work. Only problem is there’s no linux box to put it in and it’s formated ext2. Enter ext2fsd. I installed the drive, installed ext2fsd and I could mount my drive. Now I have access to 140GB of music at work and I’m happy.

Only a few problems so far: I tried to get Musik to index all the drive, and the computer just snapped off. Judging by the error I got when WinXP recovered it had to do with ext2fsd. Either WinXP or the driver doesn’t know how to deal with UTF-8 filenames. And last up, sometime renaming files causes weird things.