Idea for the day: Zeroconf + SOCKS4

published: 06 Aug 2003 | tags:

After spending much too long trying to figure out if I wanted to deal with the greif of implementing a UPnP Gateway with Twisted, I thought of another idea: Use Zeroconf to advertise a SOCKS4 server. That shouldn’t be too hard to do in Twisted, just need a zeroconf module, and a mDNS server.

And client developers could probably make use of Howl to do the zeroconf stuff. SOCKS4 is even easier (or so I’m told). Also Howl seems to have a mDNS server for linux… so we just need debian packages.

On a side note, now that I look at the howl tarball I see that it’s GPL’ed… why oh why do you GPL a library. :(.

[ Later: I heard back from the Howl developers that the license supposed to be BSD and will be in the next release. ]