Steve, the king of evil

[12:10:20] Steve: u get the martix game yet
[12:10:32] icepick: no... you are the 2nd person to ask tho
[12:10:36] icepick: must be good
[12:10:54] Steve: I played it the other day @ walmart
[12:10:56] Steve: hah
[12:11:06] Steve: all these kids were waiting to play.
[12:11:13] Steve: I just kept playing
[12:11:24] Steve: "Mommy he wont let me play"
[12:12:59] Steve: the sales guy asked if I would let the kids play. I asked the parents there
if they were going to buy a game for the kids. they said no. I said, I probably will not leave
here w/o buying a game. That shut the salesman up.
[12:13:18] Steve: please the customer....
[12:13:25] icepick: so ... you didn't get it did you, you bastard
[12:13:31] Steve: nope
[12:13:32] Steve: hehe
[12:13:46] icepick: I crown you the king of evil for the day
[12:13:48] Steve: I don't even have a ps2