SprintPCS's webstore: thumbs down

published: 12 Jun 2003 | tags:

I’ve been wanting to get a new Sayno 8100, a camera phone. I checked the C’ville sprint store (who had them, but couldn’t give a current customer the $100 rebate) and The H’burg Sprint PCS store (only had a really ugly white and lavender phone, but said they would call me as soon as they got a silver one). Then I looked at their website.

First thing is the URL for a phone’s page in their store is 615 characters long. What kind of crack monkey web dev thinks that’s ok do to? The goal of life now should be really short perama links, URLs as UI, URLs as UI.

Then you can order the phone and they say that you can get $100 dollar rebate, but then they have no information about what the conditions of the rebate is for (only new customers? everyone?).

And last of all, no where to pick the color of their phone. You think I’m being picky about the phone color, but you have to see the 3 possible color schemes to know what I mean, white and lavender, blue and gold, and silver. … google is failing to find a picture of the other two, here’s the silver version, which I want.

SprintPCS’s comment page allows you to send them and email with questions and promises to get back to you in 24 hours. Mine went out at 12:24, and the clock is ticking.

The reason I want this phone is to jump on the cam phone blogging bandwagon. I hope to start another section of this site to post all pictures to, and bump the good ones to the front page as well. I’m thinking “A Day in the Life of Myers Carpenter”. Gripping I know. Remember this site is not for you the reader, but future me, the reader, to remember how lame I am.

I played with one phone in the store, and it looks like you could take a picture and email it in under 10 seconds. AND include a voice memo. I bet you couldn’t run ViaVoice over the voice memo and get good results, which is really too bad. I have the ViaVoice SDK so I might give it a try. Otherwise is the mega slow T-9 keypad for text. I want a color Palm based phone (so I can write apps for it in !Java), that has a keyboard like a Hiptop, built in cam, and uses CDMA AND GPRS.