Iraqi Boy Band Hopes Saddam's Fall Spells Stardom

published: 12 Jun 2003 | tags:

Via Drudge:

Iraqi Boy Band Hopes Saddam’s Fall Spells Stardom

“If you ask a pop band how long they are rehearsing each day, it’s eight hours or 10 hours. We didn’t have the time, just two or three hours. We didn’t know if we were doing it right. We had no training. We just listened to CDs we liked and tried to create songs. It was very difficult for us.”

Garabedian says that despite the difficulties, if the band is given a chance it will prove it can reach the top.

“As an Iraqi band who suffered all these years under the embargo and the sanctions and the regime, if we just reach the lowest position in the UK charts our dream would come true,” he said. “Once we get there, with more help from big record companies, we could get to number one. I’m sure of that.”

I want an Iraqi Metal Band.