Bob's new blog

Laura’s brother is in El Salvador with the Peace Core. Laura and I hooked him up with a blog:, and he’s been posting to it lately. We are still doing some work on it, for example I want to make the site look like and Indiana Jones poster

Laura also has a blog, but I don’t think she has been thinking about it.

He writes really, really long posts about what’s going on there. And he’s been adding pictures to it as well.

We are planning to visit him in October. Tickets are cheap (~$300/person)

Which reminds me I need to burn Bob some CD’s of mp3’s he wanted (he only has 33.6 connection on a shared phone line). I remember what it was like to be in media starvation while I lived in PNG. I need to keep remembering so I will get my act together and mail the CD’s to him.

Also, does anyone out there are a Spanish Windows 98 license they are not using any more?