You want bandwidth? A call to arms against the Telecos.

The Baby Bells have been making promises to get all of the US on higher bandwidth connections. They made these promises to the FCC. FCC said great, raise your prices for basic services so that you can build these new fiber networks and put a T3 in every house. So prices raised, telecos earn $48 Billion, with $8 Billion more coming in every year, customers get nothing. Something wrong with this picture? Read all about what I know so far in “How The Bells Stole America’s Digital Future”. Still trying to figure out the best way to fight this problem. One thing is to get the word out. Fan the flames of outrage. We need this to get to the level of making congress people afraid to ignore the issue. I know enought to see that it is a long trip between here and there, but I’m encouraged to see what happend in S. Korea and Kenya. Several big name blogs like BoingBoing have covered this already. It registered a little on DayPop, but not much. I don’t really understand why, seems like a great call to arms for bloggers. Big companies stealing our most precious, bandwidth (one SONET ring to rule them all?). And what we do? So far not much. This story is old by internet standards. The html page is dated Wed, 14 Mar 2001 23:35:35 GMT. The guy behind this as been calling attention to this for quite a while (5 years or more, here’s a post about that papers author from back in 1998 ), but I think it’s time for a new round of intrests. So what can this lone blogger do to get you the outside world to care? I’m going to attempt to research who this guy, Bruce Kushnick and the content matter of this paper and post it back here. The idea being news generates more intrest, more intrest generates more news. Other thoughts: