Unlimited? Thank you mr. sprintpcs

published: 22 Oct 2002 | tags:

So Friday SprintPCS annouced new rates. One very intresting tidbit is they are doing unlimited CDMA 1xRTT data for $10 more to whatever plan you have. Apparently they got hit with a cluestick about how to get new customers and have people like me go and create some killer apps for it. Others think this is suicidal, but I think not. You need unlimited to get people to pay attention to it. I’m just have a hard time swallowing they fact that SprintPCS has a clue enought to do this.

So given that the cable co won’t even give me an estimate on running a 0.6 mile cable run to my house will be and Sprint, the local phone co, won’t return my calls, I’m going to get a Merlin C201 PCMCIA card (which works under linux) and give it a go. If I read the coverage map correctly the service will work where I live and if it works at all I should get over 28.8kbps which is what I’m stuck at now.