Information on Afghanistan

published: 02 Oct 2002 | tags:

I took a political test (my exact results if you really must know) which has me has a left leaning Libertarian. Libertarian I know, but left leaning? Holy Dittos, Batman! Where did that come from. The only answer I had that was left leaning was a vote for living wages, something have put much thought into. It’s funny, I grew up on a missionary base, listening to Rush Limbaugh, hung out with the College Republicans, a bunch of factors that I would think would result in a party line Republican, but now I think I care far more that many people vote and vote intelligently than I care if they vote right or left. And that we ask lots and lots of questions.

Ted Rawl is very cool. He claims he’s way over on the left, but I don’t care: he ask very good questions and researches them. Thus My Government Went to Afghanistan and All I Got Was This Stupid Pipeline. I can’t say that I’ve read it all but I’m going to.