A wreck you say?

published: 02 Oct 2002 | tags:

Yes a wreck. We are midway thru packing and unpacking at the new house. We’ll hopefully be out of the apt by Monday.

So many things I’ve packed I realized I never even once looked at in the year and 2 months we’ve lived at this apt. That’s ok for pictures/scrapbooks (or maybe not. perhaps I should be reenforcing my memory by looking at pictures from high school so that I can remember more about my life), but really, am I ever going to read all these Dr. Dobbs’ Journals? (but their covers promise so many intersting subjects! I can’t throw them away! Valuable information!) Or my Wired collection, from all the way back to Issue 1.2 (I tried to get 1.1 but very hard to come) to when it got really boring (unsure where that was, but on a bright note the last few issues have been great).

Also Adelphia hasn’t gotten back to me on how much it would be or even if they’ll run a cable to my house and Sprint hasn’t called back to say if they’ll run new phone lines in for DSL (fat chance, but traim tasol (that Melanesian pidgin for “no harm asking”), so it’s off to dialup hell for me for a while.