I actually watched football today

So the first plans for today were to start packing. We get the house Tuesday, and loose the apt on next Monday, giving us a week to move out and clean up the apt. And maybe I could have looked in on the Mnet hack day event that is supposed to happen every Saturday.

Then Jason called and said that he was closing on a house and wanted to move this weekend and only had the weekend to get it all done before he started his next rotation that was a lot more hellish than the current (he is a resident in Norfolk, VA. The pain hospitals put medical residents thru should be illegal).

THEN my grandparent’s plans to visit Charlottesville and go to a football game at VMI, where my cousin, David Latimer (link to his teams roster on ESPN) would be playing for Furman against VMI, worked out and we chose that.

Laura and I had a lot of fun. David made some great tackles and a interception. I greatly enjoyed being with both my grandparents and my great aunt and uncle.

I brought my cell and a prepaid calling card with the thought of maybe calling zooko and saying hey, but I got pretty into the game. Even ignored a paper on Tarzan, the anonymoizing p2p IP layer.

What I really need is a cellphone/pda that can send and receive packets. :)