Wireless technology doesn't like me (part 2)

published: 19 Sep 2002 | tags:

My next problem is my cell phone. I have a Samsung SCH-3500, and the speaker sometimes doesn’t work. I had the handset insurance for it ($4 a month), but it still cost $35 to get a replacement, which is the going rate for the same model on ebay, but this way they wave the activation fee (I don’t know how much that is, but I bet it’s not cheap).

Problem is I have all kinds of phone numbers programmed in the phone. I had always assumed it would be easy to copy them out of the phone in the future. It would be a very looong process to do it by hand. So I found a cable on ebay that would probably go for $15 thinking that I could write a program to copy the phone book for me. Then I started poking around for docs on the internal phonebook: NO GO. That interface is not documented. I might be able to hack it somehow, but not wanted to waste time I found that FoneSync would do this for me. It’s not offered by the maker anymore, but it goes for $50 or so. Relying on my Scottish blood, I determind that it could be had for less and set up a sniper on an ebay auction.