Wireless technology doesn't like me (part 1)

published: 19 Sep 2002 | tags:

I ordered a 802.11b access point (D-Link DWL-900ap) and pc card (USR 2410) with money I got for my birthday. They arrived today, one day before the UPS tracker said they would. I opened the boxes, plugged in the AP to ethernet and power, popped the pc card in, beep beep, linux recongnized the card, got an ip address and it just worked. Very cool. Possibly the easiest hardware install I’ve had in years.

I went out on to the porch and tried using bing, a bandwidth testing tool to see what the transfer rate was and boom no more link. Looking at the access point showed the WLAN light lit soldly (it was blinking before). Unplug the AP, plug it back in… same thing. I monkied with it for a while and then called Tech support. After a few minutes on the phone (it which they wanted to know a lot of details about my network, “what kind of router do you have?”) they said “send it back”. Grrr!

So the question is: Did bing kill it? or was the hardware defective? Quite odd. Not sure if I’ll run bing when I get the replacement.

Also no luck on getting kismet running with the pc card.