New Project

So with a laptop for editing from bed, my new project is to write a little each day about what happened.

Today Laura and I woke up to rain outside our window. We talked about moving to the new house (First weekend in Oct. if you want to come help :), and how nice it would be to have rain in the morning there. We had breakfast on the porch. We went to work on our projects of the day, me doing some work on the release of Mnet (version 0.5.1 is out the door), Laura working on the Ivy Nursery’s website. While I was off in computerlane she also packed some boxes of stuff in the closets. Later I finished addressing one of the last batches of Thank you notes from our wedding (I’ve managed to drag them out beyond the year you are alloted by society to finish them, so if I go to prison you know why)