Coming from my new laptop: monopoco

published: 15 Sep 2002 | tags:

Blogging in bed… one of life’s better pleasures. Today we are doing a little rusticly, with a cat 5 snaking out of the office and into the bedroom, but no fear: Wifi is on order (AP for $60, PC Card for $35, both after rebate). The laptop is a p133 with 32mb, now running linux. 32mb isn’t enought to run galeon happily, so I use X11.

Galeon session support really comes in handy here. If you didn’t know Galeon has a feature in that when you exit galeon it will save all the urls it has open and when you start it again it reopens them. Also works if it crashes (at least 3 times a week, but with the session feature I don’t mind). And in this case it works great to move to another computer and then ssh in and do “galeon -q; galeon &”