More on music merging

My mergeing project has gone awry. While I did pick off the easy duplicates (the ones with matching audioSha1’s), I decided it would be better to finish TuneTagger.

TuneTagger (project at is way out of date) is a music file renaming/tagging utility. It’s greatest feature will be making use of Musicbrainz. Once a track as been id’ed by one person, Musicbrainz remember the sound signature (aka TRM) of the song so the next person that points a Musicbrainz enabled tool at any file that is the same song it will know right away what that song is.

I figure it probably won’t need that many users before you will be able to sort out and rename your music collection without lifting a finger.

At first I was going to use wxPython, but I have gotten to play with pygtk/pygnome and the mozilla wrapper pygme and it looks like that will be an easier route to take with just has much portablity.