Hard Drive Troubles

Wow… what a week for hard drives

  1. The hard drive holding /var on k92 (the sever that hosts this) starts kicking out errors, almost exactly one year after installed. Steve, the guy who’s ISP this k92 lives at, had to drive 80 miles to Fry’s just to find they wanted to rip him off, then installed another hard drive that was more trouble than the current one was, until getting a 60 GB that worked. Lot of fun.
  2. A 60 GB hard drive that Bob left in my care while in the Peace Core for 2 years makes funny noises as certain times. ASAP I’m going to get another drive and do the hard drive hokeypokey with it (“you put one in, you take one out, you call up maxtor and scream and shout”)
  3. Bob’s computer that I’m trying to set up for my wife, Laura (Bob is her brother) has major hard drive problems to the point that I’m not sure if I can recover all his data before I fdisk it (I believe it a “windows has crappy filesystems” problem, not a hardware error.
  4. My good buddy zooko just had his laptop hard drive crash, losing a lot of irreplacable data.

I’m thinking …. RAID 1 is the only way to fly, Baby!