As seen in #p2p-hackers

[arma] i think we live in a parallel unauthorized copy of earth. crop circles are the tell-tale signs of break-in.</p>

[arma] (speaking of digital rights management)

[coderman] lol

[tvoj] 34Rth 1z mY w4r3Z!!!!

[tvoj] arma: how kn i use UR crop-cirlce algo to h4ck pr0n?

[arma] well, the theory is, the watermarks are indistinguishable while they’re working,

[arma] but since obviously people have been removing watermark-sized pieces of corn fields,

[arma] then pretty soon we’re no longer going to have control over those fields.

[arma] ...the implications for hacking porn should be obvious.

[arma] i can give you a hint, if you need it:

[tvoj] arma: kn U send m3 sum l337 KoRn?

[arma] step 1: place crop circles in porn

[arma] step 3: profit.

[tvoj] U r g3nus.

[tvoj] arma: i tried k0rn pr0n but all i got was bitchslapped with a trout. was this success?

[arma] you must keep trying.

[tvoj] shite h4xx0R1ng iz fuct

[arma] perhaps you should read a book? take a walk?