One smart guy

published: 01 Feb 2004 | tags:

This interview with AarowSw is probably the most intresting thing I’ll read all day. Great thoughts on the S-Web, tribes in human culture and just what Arron has been up to.

[later] One thing I would love to have in my MonoLoco music app is a feature mentioned at the top “what bands that my friends like are playing around here in the next week?”. The idea would be that the app knows your friend because you IM program and email program have been creating a certialized FOAF file for you (hey maybe your phone is bluetoothing info about how you talk to the most as well), so you can collect who you talk to a lot (at least via computer). Then MonoLoco knows who you listen to, using MusicBrainz identifiers to catalog it. It should also use a yet to be written feature of Musicbrainz to find the bands homepage, and autodiscover their RSS file with news (which monoloco will display on screen while you play that bands songs), and another for tour info.