python-bitzi 0.1 Released

published: 02 Dec 2003 | tags: python

I’ve put out a python wrapper around the bitzi library. It’s good at extracting some metadata out of files. It should be useful for other p2p hackers. You can download it on my python-bitzi project page.

An example of it’s usage

>>> import bitzi, pprint
>>> bc = bitzi.Bitcollider()
>>> ret = bc.analyze('/home/myers/zim_propaganda_r5_c1.gif')
>>> pprint.pprint(ret)
 'head.agent': 'Bitprinter/0.5.1 (Dec  1 2003 16:15:19)',
 'head.version': 'S0.4',
 'tag.ed2k.ed2khash': '19fd58da4d5b9236d8e0706d1b6b14e9',
 'tag.file.first20': '47494638396164020202D500000000008C0B0699',
 'tag.file.length': '8348',
 'tag.filename.filename': 'zim_propaganda_r5_c1.gif',
 'tag.image.bpp': '6',
 'tag.image.format': 'GIF',
 'tag.image.height': '514',
 'tag.image.width': '612',
 'tag.uuhash.uuhash': 'klaiKcvdxJb+gfmSlMz5ZWPf//8'}